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J&K promises:

  • ● Immediate order processing.
  • ● Same day delivery in all major cities.
  • ● 24-48 hours dispatch via worldwide cargo flights.
  • ● Over 95% inventory available for immediate delivery.
  • ● e-commerce service - registered web site users have free access to advanced molecule structure search engine, certificates of analysis, MSDS (safety data sheets), stock, local pricing, and order and delivery status updating.
  • ● Technical support for product applications.
  • ● Process technology consultancy or joint development.
  • ● Scientific publications featuring leading technology updates and the e-newsletter.

Custom Synthesis

  • ● Customers have access to an unparalleled state-of-the-art chemical technology platform for developing conventional and novel chemicals.
  • ● J&K is committed to the development of custom synthesis processes in multiplex reactions and scalable processes from 500 ml to 3,000 litres.
  • ● All projects have confidential working practices.

Custom filling and packaging

  • ● Computer controlled weighing and individual product packaging.
  • ● Strict quality control and repackaging.
  • ● Global sourcing to meet the diverse chemical requirements of science and industry.

Manufacturing Partnerships

J&K invites its partners to share and benefit from:

  • ● Ultrafine chemical technology consultancy.
  • ● Pilot plant engineering work consultancy.
  • ● Turn key projects that employ advanced synthesis methodology, innovative process technology and strict quality controls to produce ultrafine materials, organic building blocks, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, biochemicals and specialty chemicals.
  • ● Production at both J&K and partner’s industrial facilities with raw materials supplied at a competitive cost.

IUR Collaboration

For the past 17 years, J&K has established and developed valuable relationships with many specialists working in Industry, Universities and Research institutes. Collaboration between these partners means that scientific discoveries, new technology and the strength of the J&K supply chain can provide the products required by science and industry.