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Corporate Social Responsibility

At J&K Scientific we believe that it is our responsibility and indeed our privilege to better the world for the sake of ourselves and the generations to come. We are committed to sustainable business practices and strive to use resources efficiently and responsibly.

We are actively involved in supporting academic and industrial research and over the past two decades we have forged strong partnerships with private industry, universities and research institutes. By working together, we have been able to share discoveries, technology and the strength of the J&K supply chain; this collaboration has facilitated the development and delivery of products required by both science and industry.

J&K Scientific is committed not only to offering the highest quality products and services to our customers, but also to actively serving humanity as a responsible corporate citizen.

China High Technology Enterprise Award

J&K Scientific is proud to be officially recognized as a “China High Technology Enterprise” by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. This award recognizes businesses that demonstrate a strong commitment to intellectual property rights, show significant capacity for scientific and technological achievement, have an administrative and organizational structure designed to support and encourage significant Research & Development activities, and have a proven history of significant business performance and growth. This designation is given to only 0.39% of all Chinese businesses and we are honored to be part of this select group of companies. 

Peking University Partnership – Organic Professors and Students Seminars

J&K Scientific is proud to partner with Peking University to deliver Organic Professors and Students Seminars (OPSS). These academic seminars are hosted by the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University; J&K has financially supported these seminars since their inception in 2005. OPSS provide an opportunity for shared learning among organic chemical students, academics and researchers.

OPSS offer two sections: Professor Speech and Student Speech. During the Professor Speech section, OPSS invites both local and international leaders in the field of organic chemistry to share their research and discoveries. During the Student Speech section, OPSS invites students to develop both their knowledge and presentation skills as they speak about advanced research in the field of organic chemistry.

J&K believes that our commitment to serving humanity by accelerating scientific and industrial development is well served by supporting OPSS. These seminars facilitate international communication and collaboration amongst some of the greatest minds in organic chemistry and are recognized for their contributions to worldwide developments in chemistry.

Beijing Practice Base for Female University Graduates

We believe that equal opportunity in employment for men and women is one of the important measures of a civilized society. J&K Scientific recognizes the ongoing challenges faced by women in the workplace and is committed to working to solve these inequalities. Since 2009 we have been a recognized Beijing Practice Base for Female University Graduates under the authority of the Beijing Women’s Association.

This program offers relevant professional experience in a supportive work environment to women who are university graduates.  They are given the opportunity to be mentored by senior J&K personnel so that they can develop their talents and skills and become successful professionals who make significant contributions to our society.