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Custom Synthesis and Bulk Chemicals

Custom Synthesis and Bulk Chemicals

Our first class production units and process management standards allow J&K to ensure that our products are of a consistent high product quality. 

J&K Scientific has significant manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. We are equipped with production equipment including stainless steel and enamel multifunctional reactors that range from 500 ml to 3,000 litres. We have strict reagent grade quality standards for levels from milligrams to tons.

Custom and Bulk Order Service

J&K offers custom synthesis and inquiry service for you when the following situations occured:

  • You are unable to find the product you want in our list of available products
  • You are able to find the product you want, however, you require special custom packaging to meet your needs
  • You require a product amount that exceeds 20 times the maximum package size of that product. In this case, you may secure more favourable pricing by requesting a bulk order.

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