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Legal Notice

Legal Notice


This notice from J&K Scientific Ltd. (referred as "J&K"). Please read the legal notice carefully, when you enter this website. Please stop using the services provided from this website, if you do not agree with the relevant terms and conditions, or website adjustments. Once you start using the contents of J&K website, which including browsing website information, download website contents, use the hyperlinks provided from J&K website and etc., you shall be assumed that you are fully understood and agree with all terms in this notice.

1. Using Website
The information and contents provided from J&K website are not allow to re-edit, copy, plagiarism, or use in commercial purpose, except with relevant laws and regulations permit or the approval from J&K Scientific Ltd. If the company identified any customer’s action is illegal or damage the J&K website’s public reputation and company’s legal benefits, the company reserves the rights including refuse to provide services, freeze or delete the member account, take action with legal rights.

2. Hyperlinks
ⅰ. The hyperlinks connected to third-party site.
When necessary, the website will provide hyperlinks or guidance to third-party websites. The contents from J&K website may also provide third-party’s information through other methods. This information refers to data, documents, materials, picture, graphs, logo, design and others.
The hyperlink connect to third-party website is for your convenience in use only. The company reserves the rights in terminating the hyperlink through anytime. J&K is not authorised in controlling third-party website’s contents, products, and services. Therefore, the company is not responsible for other websites and their website contents, products or services (including the hyperlinks within third-party websites). Once you decide to login or use any linked websites, you should notice that you may limited by their websites’ terms and conditions. In the meanwhile, you may take precautions when you login to other websites, which be able to prevent viruses and any damages. J&K website is not responsible for any losses occur through login or using the linked sites.
The company does not make any guarantee or statement for any linked website including its contents, products, or services. Moreover, J&K does not give any recognition, suggestion, approval or introduction to linked websites. The company would not be participating in any agreements between linked websites and our website users, unless J&K has agreed with it officially. J&K is not responsible for any damages or losses (whether it is direct, indirect, special or accident) caused by the linked websites, including any interruption, delay, leak or negligence. J&K does not have connection or authority with linked websites, even J&K website contains third-party’s hyperlinks.
ⅱ. Third-party website contains J&K website hyperlink.
Other websites contain J&K website hyperlink do not refers to J&K has reorganization, authorization, or sponsorship with these websites. In most cases, J&K does not realise the third-party website has provided hyperlink to J&K website.

3. Intellectual property protection
This website carries the domain name, trademark, trade name, information, text, graphics, image, sound, links, software and all other contents that all provided from J&K, the content supplier and third-party’s licensee. In certain circumstances, the intellectual properties mentioned above, their ownerships are owned by J&K, content provider, and third-party’s licensee in specific situation.
Nobody can copy, display, modify, transfer, distribute, re-distribute, download, post or transmit the contents from J&K website (including electronic / mechanical re-production, recording etc.), excluding other regulations by law or agreements / permissions with third-party and J&K.
Without the permission from J&K or the trademark owner, none of the company or individual allow to use J&K website’s trademark, trademark name, or any part of the logo in use of copy, modification, transmit or bounding with other products.

4. Disclaimer
The information provided by J&K website has certain accuracy, effectiveness and integrity. However, due to the huge size of the data and the influence by the uncertainty data sources, J&K unable to guarantee hundred percent accuracy, effectiveness and integrity. J&K and J&K staff shall not take any direct or indirect responsibilities in any ways regarding on any information or transmission error, inaccuracy and mistaken. Within the permission range by law, J&K does not undertake users or any others direct, indirect, incidental, affiliate, special and punitive damages (including incomes, loss in expected profits, lost in business, or unachieved savings) caused by use or fail to use the information or any links or projects provided by J&K website. J&K reserves the rights in re-correction of any errors or omissions of any part of J&K website. J&K has the rights in changing J&K website, and the contents of the website including products, projects, services and prices without any notices.
The information and contents provided by J&K website and the available software and material within J&K website are all according to original sample, which do not contain any statements or guarantee in either direct or indirect ways. Within the maximum limits permitted by law, J&K disclaims not to make any direct or indirect statements and guarantees, which including statement / guarantee in safety, accuracy, completeness, merchantability, no infringement, suitable for any particular purpose, computer virus, etc. You are responsible for all risks in using J&K website.
J&K website is not responsible for users’ direct or indirect losses in certain situations mentioned as below:
ⅰ. Business interruption.
ⅱ. Unable to open / login J&K website, website delay or website interruption.
ⅲ. Unable to transmit data, transfer error, damages, losses or other modifications.
ⅳ. Any types of loss or damage caused by processing the links from the J&K website to other sites or the existing links within J&K website.
ⅴ. The possibility of computer virus, system failure or functional disorder occurred when customer using J&K website (including links between third-party website and J&K website).
ⅵ. The users’ personal data disclosure or leakage caused by the six different situations mentioned in legal notices specified in paragraph three of fourth article.
ⅶ. Users’ losses caused by the majeure or other factors that J&K unable to control.

5. Service Modification, Interruption or Termination
ⅰ. J&K will try to notice in advance, if the network services have to be suspending temporarily due to system maintenance or upgrades.
ⅱ. In any of the following situations, J&K has the rights in terminating users’ authority in using the network services provided from J&K website without any notifications:
(a) The information provided from user is not true;
(b) User violates the rules specified in the agreement.
ⅲ. Except the circumstances mentioned before, J&K also reserves the rights to suspend or terminate network services partly or fully without any advance notifications. For any losses due to the termination of network services, J&K is not responsible for users and any third-party.
ⅳ. If the user opposes with any terms of service suggestion or has objections with terms modification, or unsatisfied with the network services, the user has the following choices:
(a) Not to use the network services provided by J&K;
(b) Send announcement to J&K regarding on stop using J&K network services. The user’s authority of using J&K network services will terminate immediately, once J&K has confirmed. J&K no longer assume any obligations to this user afterwards.

6. Terms Modification
J&K reserves the rights to modify, add and delete any contents of this legal notice at any time. Every time you login or using J&K website shall be consider as agree with the effective terms and conditions at that time. Therefore, you should check the date of the legal notices and examine the present version with the previous one (especially the modified places).

7. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
The formulation, implementation, interpretation and settlement of any arguments shall be applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If both sides having disagreement with each other and failed in consultation, any of them may submit lawsuit to people’s court which is in charge of J&K.