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This complimentary catalog will be your indispensable resource for learning about J&K Products that are ideally suited to your scientific and industrial applications. Whether your work involves organic, material, medicinal, analytical or biochemical technologies, J&K has the products to help drive your work forward with speed and accuracy.
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More than 3,000 New Products are featured in this new 2015/2016 catalog including SuperDry Solvents, Four-Membered Ring Compounds, Spirocyclic Compounds, Ion Pair Reagents for HPLC, Derivatization Reagents, Fluorescent Reagents, and Stains and Dyes.

The J&K 2015-2016 Catalog is an essential reference book for chemists, with comprehensive information about every product including:
Chemical & physical property data
Hazard identification, suggested precautions and safety information
Safe storage conditions and sensitivities

The J&K Catalog offers more than 15,000 products in four primary product categories:
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