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Our Products

J&K manufactures thousands of different ultrafine materials, pharmaceutical chemicals, biochemicals and specialty chemical products for science and industry. For many years J&K has invited carefully selected companies to collaborate and share in market opportunities by contributing and co-developing products and services. As a result, J&K is now a high tech resources platform supplying 500,000 quality products for immediate delivery. Our product range continues to grow every year with new compounds and derivatives.

Our product categories

Organic Chemistry

  • Heterocyclic building blocks
  • Organic building blocks
  • Chiral building blocks
  • Organometallic compounds

Materials Science

  • Organic electronic & photonic materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Organofluoride and organosilicon materials
  • Rare earth metals
  • Functional polymer materials

Life Science

  • Amino acids and derivatives
  • Nucleosides, nucleotides and oligonucleotides
  • Porphyrins
  • Proteins
  • Enzymes, inhibitors and substrates
  • Electrophoresis reagents
  • Carbohydrates
  • Buffers

Analytical Chemistry

  • Chemical reference standards
  • Pharmaceutical reference standards or impurities
  • Analytical reagents and solvents
  • Ion-pair reagents
  • Isotope compounds

Bulk Material for Pilot and Industrial Production

  • Most J&K processes can be scaled up for bulk supply to meet industrial requirements

Lab Supplies

  • J&K can supply many frequently used products such as TLC Plates, Parafilm, GC, HPLC Columns and Accessories